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Long time coming: A few favorites from Beijing

Thursday, January 15th, 2009

Day 227: Forbidden City 12

This will be a mostly “no words” post. I’m going to do a few “favorites of 2008” type posts over the next few days, and I figured I’d start with my trip to the Beijing Olympics, since I never got around to actually blogging about it. Here’s the full set of my photos from that trip, but a select few of my favorites here:

Forbidden City 3

Day 228: Tiantan Park 7


I went to the Olympics

Friday, August 29th, 2008


And I took lots of pictures.

So many that I haven’t made a dent on processing them yet even though I got back 5 days ago. (Well, my ongoing and heretofore losing effort against jet lag has something to do with that.) I have a few up at Flickr, but there’s much more to come.

As I get the photos up, I will also be blogging about each day spent in big, crowded, sweaty Beijing. There’s a lot to talk about so get excited!