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From the jungle to a 14,000-foot alpine lake

Tuesday, December 15th, 2009

Exiting Cajas National Park

I tried and utterly failed to do a post-facto travelogue for my two-week trip to Beijing in August 2008, but here I am failing to learn any lessons and trying again with my recently completely two-week trip to Ecuador. As with the Beijing trip, I traveled heavy on cameras and have a ton of photos to share, and figured I might as well string them together with some prose that may or may not be interesting to friends or helpful to random Internet surfers looking to plan a trip.

The trip was split into several different phases, as follows:

  • Phase 1: The Northern Amazon (Orellana and SucumbĂ­os provinces): working with the Frente de Defensa de la AmazonĂ­a
  • Phase 2: The Middle Amazon (Napo province): interlude in Misahualli and Tena
  • Phase 3: Among the Kichwa (Pastaza province): guinea pigs for a new ecotourism operation
  • Phase 4: Tourists in the Northern Sierra (Pichincha province): lazy days in Quito with stops in Papallacta and Mindo
  • Phase 5: The Southern Sierra (Azuay province): exploring Cuenca
  • Phase 6: Cajas National Park (Azuay province): backpacking at 14,000 feet
  • Phase 7: Back to Quito (Pichincha province): half-days in Cuenca and Quito before heading back to the States

I’ll try to write up each of these in turn to accompany my photos (above: one of the last photos I took on the trip – the road out of Cajas National Park). Stay tuned.