On Location Portrait: Those Darlins

Those Darlins

OK, that’s better. I had the chance to do a quick portrait with Nikki, Jessi and Kelley of Those Darlins before their packed-house show at the Black Cat last night. Unlike my shoot with Epica, we didn’t have to do this one outside in the miserable cold, which made things a gazillion times easier.

All three of these women were incredibly easy to work with; we looked around the club for a while trying to figure where to shoot, and discovered that the Black Cat has two, uh, black cats in its backstage area: one a huge papier-mache tiger (or something like that, I need to bone up on my big cat ID skills) hanging from the ceiling, and one a smaller statue. Unfortunately, they wouldn’t let us take down the big tiger, so we settled for the statue. This is a simple shot with essentially two key lights and a background light.

At camera left is an umbrella’d SB-800 with a quarter CTO gel at 1/16 power; camera right is an SB-600 at 1/16 power, shot through a lampshade. I seem to have misplaced my other umbrella, so some improvisation was necessary. It worked to soften the light a bit, but not quite as much as I would have liked. The background light is an SB-600 at far camera right, clamped to a chair and shot through a radiator (actually a portable space heater) at 1/8 power. Again, some improvisation just to throw a bit of a pattern on the background and make it a little more interesting than just a plain blue wall. That’s it. I shot off about 30 frames of this one look, and then we were done. And then they proceeded to blow up the backstage with their seriously high-energy, punky version of country music (I took photos of that, too).

Thanks to Nikki, Jessi, Kelley and Kellyn at 2:30 Publicity for working with me on this one.

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4 Responses to “On Location Portrait: Those Darlins”

  1. Catherine says:

    Funny stuff – I used that same panther statue in my photoshoot with Clap Your Hands Say Yeah for Pitchfork a few years ago. I liked it more for the shadow than for the statue itself, which is why you can’t really see it in that pic :)

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