One more at the Cedar: Over the Rhine

Over the Rhine

I’ve spent a lot of time at the Cedar Cultural Center in the past week, and capping off my run of three shows is Ohio’s Over the Rhine, a longtime favorite of mine. This was the last show on their current tour, and their set drew very heavily from their latest recording, The Long Surrender. That’s not a bad thing by any means, although I have enough of the “old fan” syndrome that I found myself wishing they’d played a bit deeper into their vast back catalog.

Over the Rhine

I always enjoy seeing the last show on a tour, as bands are often loose and having a good time, bantering and bickering and joking back and forth. This show was a bit subdued in that respect except for a few pretty amusing moments here and there. It did feature, however, a mighty struggle with the venue sound, apparently caused by some piece of the band’s equipment that was crapping out at the end of the tour. (“It’s for sale,” the frustrated soundman joked to the crowd after a particularly noisy flareup.)

Photographically, the Cedar’s incandescent frontlights were in full effect for this one, and I could shoot Karin Bergquist comfortably at f/2.8 and ISO 1600; lighting for Linford Detweiler and the rest of the band was a bit patchier, but this one was still pretty much a breeze. Three songs and then I got to sit back and enjoy. Here are a few more favorites:

Over the Rhine

Over the Rhine

Over the Rhine

Full set at Flickr.

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  1. Sandra Jahn says:

    Your photography of the keyboardist is absolutely breathtaking! (Of course, all your photos are outstanding, but that one particularly so :-)

  2. Brandon Wu says:

    Thanks Sandra! I assume you mean the one of him smiling – I was really happy with that one too :)

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